Punjab Police Chest, Height, Weight, High Jump

Punjab Police Chest, Height, Weight, High Jump Details available on the official website for all Male or Female candidates. Punjab Police Physical Standard update soon on official website. In order to make sure that the candidate is fit both Punjab Police height and mentally the police department before making the recruitment makes the candidate go through a physical test. It is after the physical test that the written test is conducted and the interview is conducted.

Punjab Police Physical Standard

Punjab Police Chest, Height, Weight, High JumpIn the Punjab Police physical test, the candidate is supposed to perform some sports like Punjab Police high jump etc and also have to get the physical parameters like height and weight tested. If all these qualities are up to the mark then the candidate is selected. These parameters are different according to the gender etc.

you can find detailed information on this topic on the official website. There will be a link reading Punjab Police physical standards. You have to click on it and the information will show. You can take out a print out of this information or you can even download this information and keep it safe on the computer screen for your use.

Punjab Police High Jump Details

Make sure that you study this information carefully before you appear for the physical test. One of the best ways to prepare is making sure that practice well. The more you will practice the better will be the results that you will obtain. Mentioned below are the detail related to the height, Punjab Police weight and high jump for the candidates who wish to get selected:

  1. Criteria for males candidates:

The height of the male candidate must be minimum 5”7. If you are taller than this it is good but if you are shorter then this then you are not eligible. The Candidates has to jump 1.15 meter. You will be given total 3 chances for this sport. If you are able to cover this much distance in three chances then you will be selected.

  1. Criteria for female candidates:

The Punjab Police height of female candidate must be minimum 5”3. Anybody below this height level will not be considered eligible to give the examination. The females must be able to jump around 0.9 meters. Like the criteria for men, even the females will be given 3 chances.

Punjab Police Recruitment

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