Punjab Police Budget 2020

Punjab Police Budget 2020 have decided the details of Punjab Police vacancies, salary, fund, and all things. Punjab Police Budget 2020 will be updated after budget session. Punjab police are the best police among all Indian police forces. This police force has a large number of candidates serving their state and indirectly nation. They are best in serving their roles and responsibilities headed to them. In this article, we are going to discuss the budget of Punjab police for session 2020. In last session 2020, the approximate budget is rupees 85 billion.

Punjab Police Budget Details

Punjab Police Budget 2020But this year, Govt. has increased the budget to rupees 94 billion. In an interview, the senior authority of Punjab police department told that all budgets spend on salaries of all employees, maintenance of vehicles and on utility services. No amount is left for police station infrastructure and also for funds. So, they have demanded the more budget of Punjab Police to the central govt.

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As Punjab is a large state, a number of police stations are also large. 711 police stations are in Punjab, out of which only 230 are fully functional.  Left 481 incomplete that was being used as offices, parking lots, and other purposes. More than rupees 50 billion funds will be required to repair and renovate these police stations.

Punjab Police Budget from Center

Many of new projects will be launched this year and more funds also required for those projects. The project named as “Front Desk Project” will launch this year and more than 500 civilians are recruited for this. Their training and accommodation expenditure will also be part of the Punjab Police Budget 2020 of this session. This project will be launched by Punjab capital police to deal with all civilians in a very polite way.

Punjab police have decided to update a new authority service named as “Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control, and Communication center” in six mega cities with all facilities. By this, security service will be improved, law and order management also improves and traffic system will manage automatically.

Due to fewer funds, salaries of same ranking employees are different, that will be very irritating for them. So, this will also be added in coming Punjab Police budget session details so that there is no difference between same ranking employees. This article completes all details about the 2020 budget for Punjab Police. If there is any change in budget, we will update our article. For any latest update in Punjab police article, visit this page regularly.

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